Cloth Face Masks

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Updated Date: December 20, 2020

Tool: How to Make a Homemade Mask

To make a simple face mask, two layers of cotton T-shirt can be cut and tied to cover the nose, mouth, and chin, with a filter (such as a paper towel) placed in between the layers. There are many YouTube videos suggesting how to make a homemade face mask.

  1. face masks must fit snugly over the entire nose and mouth, from ABOVE the nose to BELOW the chin.
  2. Face masks should be made of multiple layers (at least three layers).
  3. Cloth masks should be three layers If using loosely-woven cloth like T-shirt material, at least three layers must be used.

The following features should be taken into consideration:

  1. Number of layers
  2. Breathability of material used
  3. Washability of material used
  4. Shape of face mask
  5. Fit of face mask
  6. Color of material

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Outer layers:

  1. Should be made of hydrophobic material, in order to repel droplets and moisture (e.g. polyester or polyester and cotton blend).
  2. Thick-weave cotton fabric like denim, calico or upholstery that can be easily washed.
  3. Ideally made of two different patterns/colors of cloth to distinguish between inside and outside.

Inner layers:

  1. Two layers of ordinary woven cotton cloth.
  2. Should be hydrophilic material (e.g. cotton)
  3. It is important to use a light color, which will make it easy to identify when it is soiled or wet.
  4. If possible, between the two inner cotton layers, a breathable layer of non-woven fabric washable at high temperatures. Jacket lining material can be substituted.
  5. An alternative to having an inner layer of non-woven cloth is to create a pocket where a filter (such as coffee filter, tissue paper, or paper towel) can be inserted.

Middle Layers:

  1. Can either be an insert or another fabric layer sewn into the mask
  2. Should Ideally be a strip of polypropylene fabric.

Strings or straps can be sewn, or tied through a small hole at the edge of the face mask.