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The scale and speed of the COVID-19 pandemic represents an unprecedented scenario in the era of modern medicine. Our knowledge, the available data, and current resources are changing constantly.

COVIDprotocols.org was launched by a team from Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH) in March, 2020 to create open access adaptable protocols for the management of COVID19 patients, based on BWH guidelines and multidisciplinary committee discussions. In spring of 2020, Partners In Health (PIH) also published the guides for COVID-19, focused on COVID-19 care in resource-limited settings.

In December, 2020, COVIDprotocols.org partnered with UCSF’s Institute for Global Health Sciences and Partners in Health (PIH) to combine the best content from UCSF’s USAID-STAR sponsored OpenCriticalCare.org and the PIH COVID19 Guides to create COVIDprotocols.org v2.0. This updated resource for COVID-19 includes content relevant to all practice settings and presents information in ways to facilitate easier utilization in learning and practice. The BWH-specific protocols still exist and are available at BWH.covidprotocols.org.

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We are a team of over 200 healthcare workers and scientists from different disciplines, institutions and countries. Each section has at least one editor, multiple contributors, and several senior advisors. A multidisciplinary committee meets every other week to incorporate new information from clinical experience, user feedback, and newly published literature.

  • The website and app were produced in partnership with Upstatement.
  • Content on facility infrastructure was produced in partnership with Build Health International, a non-profit organization serving the healthcare needs of the poor by building high-quality health infrastructure in low-resource settings.


Editor-in-Chief: Christin Price MD.

Founder and Prior Editor-in-Chief (March 2020- October 2021): C. Lee Cohen MD MBA

BWH Managing Editor and Content Director: Edy Yong Kim MD PhD

PIH Managing Editors and Content Directors: Shada A. Rouhani MD MPH, Paul D. Sonenthal MD, and Emily Wroe MD MPH

BWH Therapeutics Managing Editor: Jeff Pearson, PharmD

UCSF IGHS Managing Editor: Mike Lipnick MD

Project Management and Administration:

CovidProtocols: Kelsey Miller

BWH Interdisciplinary Clinical Committee Coordinator: André Remillard MBA

PIH: Rachel B. Gerrard MPhil, Lauren Greenberg, Adaora Osi-Ogbu MPH

Technical and Design:


Advisors: Shuhan He MD, James Flynn, Mark Zhang DO MMSc, Chen Cao MPH

Design features: Chris Barnes (Emphatic), Samar Mehta MD PhD

Associate Editors:

Jillian Brelsford RN, Narath Carlile MD MPH, Bina Choi MD, Ben Colburn MD, Emilia Connolly DO MPH, Nidia Correa PhD, Khady Diouf MD, Orhan Efe MD, Jacob Johnson MD, Jennifer Jonas, MD, MPH, Helena Jonsson MD PhD, Ayman Al Jurdi MD, Joshua P. Lang MD, Richard Leiter MD MA, Cory McMahon RN, Samar Mehta MD PhD, Aimee Miliken PhD RN HEC, Emilie Mitten MD, Matthew Moll MD, Benjamin S. Parker MD MBA, Jeffrey C. Pearson PharmD BCIDP, Michael L. Rich MD MPH, Lindsay Ryan MD, Stephanie L. Smith MD, Priya Srikanth MD PhD, Adrienne Taylor MD, Katherine H. Walker MD MSc, Erika Williams MD PhD

Senior Advisors:

Jim Ansara, Lindsey Baden MD MMSc, Rebecca M. Baron MD, Jean Connors MD, Emily Dally MPH, Sheila Davis DNP, Mina Hsiang MEng MBA, Steven Keller MD PhD, Francisco M. Marty MD SM, Anthony Massaro MD, David A. Morrow MD MPH, Joia Mukherjee MD MPH, Daniel Orozco MPH, Cate Oswald MPH, Patrick Ulysse MD MPH, Henri Vaitkevicius MD, Martha Wadleigh MD, Sigal Yawetz MD


David Angelson MMedSci PhD, Anne G. Beckett MD MPH, Erin A. Bohula MD DPhil, Nathan Connell MD MPH, Thomas Darr AIA, Leela Davies MD PhD, Paul Dieffenbach MD, Isata Dumbuya RM RGN, Scott Elman MD, William Feldman MD DPhil, Rebecca Gaffney MD, Jesse A. Greenspan MSPH, J. Erika Haydu MD PhD, Sophie Hicks OCAD, Erica Hinteregger PA-C, Amruta Houde MPH MA, Teresa Kortz MD MS PhD, Eric Krakauer MD PhD, Julie Mann MSN CNM, Regan H. Marsh MD MPH, Annie P. Michaelis, Christophe Millien MD MMSc, Megan Montagne PA-C, Alisa A. Mueller MD PhD, Stephanie Nitzchke MD, Kevin Olsen MD, Nadine Palermo DO, Paul H. Park MD MSc, Sarah Rae Easter MD, Robert Riviello MD MPH, Amanda Scippa RD LDN CNSC, Majid Shafiq MD MPH, Forrest Shroyer, Rhea Singh BS, Paul Szumita PharmD RPh FCCM BCCCP BCPS, Sarah Train MD PharmD, David Walton MD MPH, John C. Welch DNP MS CRNA, Emily B. Wroe MD MPH, Rebecca Zon MD


Janet Abrahm MD, Ayrenne Adams MD, Tariq Ali MD MBA, Lao-Tsu S. Allan-Blitz MD, Jordan Anderson MD, Sarah Anyango MBBS, Samuel Y. Ash MD MPH, Denis Balaban MD, Meredith Jean Baptiste CNM, Emily Baumrin MD, Daniel Bernal MD MS, Amy C. Bessnow MD MPH, Matthew Bevers MD PhD, Shamik Bhattacharyya MD MS, Katie Bollbach MPH MPA, Robert Bonacci MD MPH, Sheila Bond MD, Adel El Boueiz MD, Taylor Brock-Fisher MSc, Calvin Brown MD, Gene Bukhman MD PhD, Taylor Buonocore-Guthrie, Daniela Carusi MD MSc, Alison Castle MD, Paul Chen MD MBA, Pheba Cherian MD, Cheryl R. Clark MD ScD, Marguerite Clougherty MSPH, Sarah F. Coleman MPH, Rebecca Cook MD, Alicia Corwin MD, Megan Rose Curtis MD MS, Peter Czarnecki MD, Geneva A. DeGregorio MD, Seyfu Abebe Desta BPharm MPH, Paul Dieffenbach MD, Chris Doughty MD, Scott Dryden-Peterson MD, Clark DuMontier MD, Kevin M. Dube PharmD BCCCP BCPS, Katherine E. Economy MD MPH, Morgan C. Espérance MD MPH, Anna P. Fang, Ramie Fathy BS, Steve Feske MD, Carlie Fields MD, Josh Finkel MD, Herrick N. Fisher MD MPhil, Matthew G. Gartland MD, Samantha Gelfand MD, Gerard Georges Assoc AIA, Kate Gregory RN PhD, Karen M. Griswold RN MBA CPPS, Caroline Gross MD, Sanchit Gupta MD, Stephanie Guseh MD, Ela Hefler, Galen Henderson MD, Dan Hoch MD PhD, Zachary Holcomb MD, David Holtzman MD MSc, Tammy Hshieh MD, Christopher Iriarte MD, Kunal Jajoo MD, Houman Javedan MD, Julia Jezmir MD MBA, Jennifer Johnson MD, Rebecca Jonas MD, Andrew Jones, Marc Julmisse MPH RN, Mihir Kamdar MD, Sanjat Kanjilal MD MPH, Richard M. Kaufman MD, John C. Kennedy MD MSc, Nabil Khan MA, Glen Kim MD, Stephanie Kiser MD MPH, Suzanne Klainer MD, Sophia Koo MD, Teresa Kortz MD, MS, PhDc, Victor Kovac MD, Andrew Wiggen Kraft, Sunny Kung MD, Gene F. Kwan MD MPH, Marta Lado MD, Dalia Larios MD, Sarah Lassey MD, Andrew Lawton MD, Leonid Lecca MD MSc, Jong W. Lee MD PhD, Mathias Lichterfeld MD PhD, Maytinee Lilaonitkul MD, Julia Loewenthal MD, Roman Loonis MD, Marlise R. Luskin MD MSCE, Zheng Ben Ma MD, Giovanna S Manzano MD, Anatole Manzi MPhil MPH, Daniel Maweu MSN, Marie McDonnell MD, Caleb McEntire MD, Mandeep Mehra MD, Joseph Merola MD MMSc, Amrit Misra MD PhD, Jean Claude Mugunga MD MSc, Shibani Mukerji MD PhD, Jyotsna Mullur MD, Evrard Nahimana MD MSc, Julie Ng MD, Peter A. Nigrovic MD, Ariel Nowicki PA, Maria Openshaw RN MS, Meabh O’Hare MBBCh, Shefali Oza PhD, Daniel Palazuelos MD MPH, Lindsay Palazuelos MBA, Elizabeth M. Petersen MD MPH, Allene Pierson, Laura Platt MD, Christin Price MD, Giuseppe Raviola MD MPH, B. Christian Renne MD, Barbara Reville DNP ANP-BC ACHPN, Chanu Rhee MD MPH, Carlo Galdino Riva MD, Beth Riviello MD, Marta Patiño Rodriguez MD DTM&H, William E. Rosa PhD MBE NP-BC, Jacob Rosenberg MD PhD, Christopher L. Roy MD, David Rubins MD, William Sauer MD MSc, Julianna Schantz-Dunn MD, Kate Sciacca MSN NP, Raghu Seethala MD MSc, KJ Seung MD, Jaclyn Shameklis MD, Lisa E. Simon DMD, Adam Smith BS RRT-ACCS, Lorie Smith MD, Samuel B Snider MD, Alissa Sodickson MD, Yssra Soliman MD, Priya Srikanth MD PhD, Shosh Streiter MD, Megan J. Striplin MPH, Katelyn Sylvester PharmD CACP BCPS, Jane deLima Thomas MD, Cristina Thomas MD, Marco Antonio Tovar MD MsG&MH, Ann Marcia Tukpah MD, Frederick Tsai MD PhD, Samir Tulebaev MD, Julia Vance, Sara Vasudeva MD, Gustavo E. Velásquez MD MPH, Angeliki Vgontzas MD, Priscilla Wang MD, Jeremy Weinberger MD, Bradley Wertheim MD, Chia-Lin Winchester MD, Marisa Winkler MD PhD, Ann E. Woolley MD MPH, Emily Yan MD MSc, Wendy Yau MD, Hope Yu MD, Mark Zhang DO MMSc

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This website is supported in part, through funding from USAID and the Sustaining Technical and Analytic Resources (STAR) project. The STAR project is a five-year cooperative agreement funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) under Agreement No. 7200AA18CA00001. STAR is implemented by the Public Health Institute (PHI), in collaboration with Johns Hopkins University (JHU), University of California San Francisco (UCSF), and the Consortium of Universities for Global Health (CUGH).